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Santa Rosa Wall is one of Cozumel’s most well known dives. It is a really good wall with lots of swim throughs and is not too far from San Miguel so it is easy for the dive boats to get to it. It does get a lot of diver traffic, so try to plan your dive accordingly. It makes a nice afternoon dive, when most of the divers have gone elsewhere.

On the top edge of the wall towards the shore there are sandy bottom areas and with nice big overhangs to hide out from the current. The coral is rocky with large rocky outcrops that are 30-40′ tall. The wall drops steeply, but there are ledges and some sandy areas on the way down. There are beautiful swim throughs that take you from the wall back to the sandy area, and vice versa. Look for French Grunts and Schoomasters in the darker areas.

You can go deep on this wall, well over 100′, and check out some areas that don’t get many divers. The wall is steep and rugged, you feel like you are flying along a cliff. Be sure to look up under the huge overhangs for the giant Dr. Seuss like sponges.

There are not as many fish here as there used to be, which may be due to the high traffic. However, there are still a lot of things to be seen. Be on the lookout for Scrawled Filefish, Turtles, Groupers, giant Parrotfish, French and Queen Angelfish, and quite a few Toadfish. There is a good chance of spotting a giant Green Moray eel.

Experience level for this dive is Intermediate with a depth of 50-120 ft.  Check out the Santa Rosa Wall if you can…. you will be amazed!


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